Full range of consumables
for demanding applications

SPECIAL ALLOYSTM has one of the largest ranges of consumables available from a single source via a global distribution network.

SPECIAL ALLOYSTM is focused on the higher performing materials in low alloy steels, stainless steels, high temperature alloys and nickel based alloys. There are also products specifically for the maintenance and repair of in-service assets. Easy selection and purchase of SPECIAL ALLOYTM can be offered via a global network.

Consumable suitable for welding, engineering and structural steels, from high yield strength to specialized head and creep-resistant CrMo types reaching the threshold of stainlessness at 12% Cr.

Coverage of stainless grades, inclding not only the ferritic, martensitic and austenitic steels, but also duplex grades. Additionally consumable for cryogenic applications and nuclear applications.

300H, 800 and HP4 series designed with controlled carbon content and microstructure for service temperatures of 400-800°C and creep resistance as well as hot corrosion and oxidation like 800 and HP40 series.

Consumables indicated for highly corrosive environments as well as applications requiring superior mechanical properties. The group includes grades like 625, 600, Alloy 22, Alloy 276, Alloy 400 and EPRI P87.

Lincoln Electric offers not only Aluminum, Copper, Bronze and Cupronickel consumables, but also electrodes based on pure nickel and nickel-irojn alloys required for maintenance and repair of cast iron products. Additionally we provide solutions to minimize surface wear found in different working enviroments. The product range includes martensitic, chromium carbides, Co base and Hadfield consumables.